The Exploitation Of Hospitality Workers Is No Longer Available

For far too long, hospitality workers have been subjected to unlivable wages, harassment, and racial + sexual discrimination. And this has to change. 

That’s the thinking behind Project 86: The Community Spirit’s collaborative campaign to help usher in a more socially-just hospitality industry.

We’ve identified four areas of focus and are working with non-profit partners to elevate and amplify the work they’re doing to help improve the lives of hospitality workers.

Please take a minute to learn more and sign our pledge.

Every signature drives funds to an organization that needs it. 

Bars and restaurants represent the fabric of our communities. And if we continue to fail their workers, we fail communities as a whole. 

That’s simply not an option we can keep putting on the menu.


As a result of oppressive federal wage laws, tipped workers may make a federal subminimum wage of $2.13 per hour, which overwhelmingly impacts women, and disproportionately women of color. Whereas a livable wage in the U.S. today stands at around $15 an hour. 

That’s why for every signature we receive supporting our pledge, we are committing to donating $12.87—the difference between a livable wage and the federal subminimum wage—to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. Every dollar will be directed to our partner organizations fighting these issues first-hand.

Together, let’s bring awareness to this wage gap, and help address the issues impacting the hospitality industry.


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