The Exploitation Of Hospitality Workers Is No Longer Available

For far too long, hospitality workers have been subjected to unlivable wages, harassment, and racial + sexual discrimination. And The Community Spirit wanted to do something about it.

That was the thinking behind Project 86: The Community Spirit’s collaborative campaign that sought to usher in a more socially-just hospitality industry

We identified four areas of focus and worked with non-profit partners to elevate and amplify the work they’re doing to help improve the lives of hospitality workers.

For every signature on our pledge, we donated $12.87—the difference between a livable wage and the federal subminimum wage—to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

With the help of change makers every signature drove funds to an organization in need. 

Bars and restaurants will always represent the fabric of our communities. Let’s keep uplifting and supporting them by calling out injustices and celebrating them always.

Project 86 is The Community Spirit’s collaborative campaign to help usher in a more socially-just hospitality industry. Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation is an advocacy and action nonprofit created by and for restaurant workers. One Fair Wage is a national coalition, campaign, and organization seeking to end all subminimum wages in the United States Hot Bread Kitchen is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunity through careers in food. Heard is dedicated to the mental health and wellness of the food & beverage industry. Another Rally; Another Round is a hospitality based nonprofit that aims to provide funding, education, and emergency assistance for our bar and restaurant community.


Thank you to everyone who pledged for our #Project86 initiative in support of the hospitality industry. Signatures like yours were able to fulfill our commitment to funding non-profit organizations fighting to improve the lives of hospitality workers. The road to a more socially-just hospitality industry carries on, and we wanted to communicate our appreciation.

If you didn't get to participate, but you wanted to, we appreciate you! We have a lot of plans to celebrate more communities around you - so keep an eye out on more to come.

The best way to find out what we are up to next is to stay tuned for announcements on our Instagram page, @thecommunityspiritco.


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Another Round Another Rally

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New York Community Organizing Fund

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